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Waterwood is nestled in a densely forested area of natural beauty adjacent to scenic Lake Livingston.  In Waterwood, heavily wooded residential lots combine with a championship golf course, easy access to Lake Livingston, and a quiet country setting to create a special environment for quality living. 

Get the feel of what Waterwood has to offer. Click on 'Gallery' on the menu to the left to see pictures taken around Waterwood. 'Neighborhood News' is our monthly news paper, it will give you an  idea what life in Waterwood is all about. In the 'Subdivision' section you can see some of the homes in Waterwood.

If you want to know more about the area, check out the 'Links' section. There you can link to other communities around the lake, service providers, real estate companies, and other valuable information about the Lake Livingston area.

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Yes, Waterwood has a golf course and a darn good one. If you follow this board you know that the Waterwood National Golf Club was shutdown in 2009. However, this does not mean that there is no golf at Waterwood. Waterwood is currently a PRIVATE course for property owners and their guests. Click on Golf in the left hand menu, or above, to take a tour of this jewel.