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Waterwood Overview

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Description Waterwood is an unincorporated resort and retirement community consisting of primary residences, second homes, golf course, undeveloped residential lots, and private property tracts.
Location Waterwood is located at the junction of State Hwy 980 and The Waterwood Parkway along the northwestern shore of Lake Livingston in northern San Jacinto County, Texas. It is approximately 27 miles from the cities of Huntsville and Livingston, and about 80 miles north of Houston
Founding Waterwood was founded by Horizon Properties, a developer, in 1972 to offer a special kind of life style for people who share an appreciation for country living and recreational conveniences. The golf course was opened in 1974. Currently, the golf course is only open to Waterwood residents.
Property Owners / Association There are about 2,100 single-family residential lots of which about 1,300 are individually owned. About 400 homes, townhouses, and cottages have been constructed. The property owner's association is Waterwood Improvement Association, Inc. (WIA).
Terrain Wildlife Waterwood is located in the rolling hills of the East Texas Piney Woods where there are large tracts of tall pine and hardwood trees and an abundance of wildlife including migratory birds.
Amenities (Golf Course,Marina, Clubhouse, RV Park)

Waterwood National Closed See - Letter, however, the owner of Waterwood National has made his property available to the residence of Waterwood. There are a few restrictions. Keystone Land Company Inc. Waterwood National Associates, LP

Motels are also located nearby in Huntsville and Livingston.
Wildlife Trail

A marked hiking trail is located in the Waterwood area. Visit the Texas Parks Wildlife Dept. or WNRGC

Lake Livingston

(Fishing, Boating,


Lake Livingston is about 39 miles long and 2-7 miles wide with 450 miles of shoreline. It’s a good lake for fishing (bass, catfish, stripers, and crappie) as well as recreational boating activities.



Waterwood Bridge Club

Waterwood Men’s Golf Association

Waterwood Women’s Golf Association

Waterwood Women’s League

Public Safety

WIA operates a  community security patrol service and contracts for 24/7 EMS ambulance service. The Volunteer Fire Department provides fire control service. County and state peace officers patrol the area and provide law enforcement service to Waterwood.

Mail Package


The U.S. Postal Service delivers mail to postal boxes located in a central community facility. Home mail delivery is not available. UPS, FedEx, and DHL deliver to Waterwood.

Utilities Providers

Most of the subdivisions feature underground utility services.

Water/sewage: Waterwood Municipal Utility District #1 (MUD)

Electricity: Sam Houston Electric Cooperative (SHECO)

Telephone: Windstream Communications

Gas: Individual liquid propane (LP) tanks; a centralized natural gas service is not available.

Cable TV: Cablevision of Walker County or individual satellite services (DirecTV and DISH).

Internet Access: Telephone dial-up, DSL (Windstream Communications) or individual satellite service.

Local Governments/Area Communities

Visit the Links web page to access area county/city government and Chamber of Commerce web sites.

Medical Facilities

A 24/7 EMS ambulance service serves Waterwood and the northern part of the county. Hospital and emergency room facilities are available in Huntsville and Livingston. Larger medical facilities are located in the region.

Shopping Restaurants

There are no retail businesses within Waterwood at this time. Shopping, restaurant, and service businesses are located nearby in Huntsville, Livingston, and Onalaska. A wide range of businesses are located in the region.

Area Universities

Sam Sam Houston State University in Huntsville and Texas AM University in College Station offer sports, cultural, and continuing education activities.


Houston‘s Bush Intercontinental Airport is located about 75 miles south of Waterwood.