Waterwood Improvement Association

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Phone 911 for ALL Emergencies
The Emergency Medical Service ambulance is dispatched by the San Jacinto County Sheriff's Department 911 operator. 
Waterwood Security Patrol Car: 936 661 2800
The EMS provider for the Waterwood community is Allegiance EMS.  This service is contracted by WIA and the SJC Emergency Services District (ESD) to provide a 24/7 EMS ambulance for the northern part of the county.  The ambulance is normally stationed at the Waterwood VFD station at night (12 hours) and at the Point Blank VFD station during the day.  If the ambulance is unavailable for a call, then another Allegiance EMS ambulance in SJC will be dispatched to Waterwood.  Users of the EMS are responsible for all incurred expenses associated with services rendered (Allegiance EMS will bill insurance carriers and/or individuals directly).