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Waterwood Policies

The WIA Board of Directors approved Proposed Changes to the Protective Covenants at the August 2018 meeting. These changes will require lot owner approval.  A ballot for voting on the Proposed Changes will be included in the mailing, along with the ballot for the election of the Board of the Directors.

The residential lots/properties in the Waterwood subdivisions are controlled and protected by Protective Covenants (a k a Deed Restrictions or Declaration of Restrictions). Owners and users of these properties are required to comply with the Covenants. The Covenants were established by the developer at the time a subdivision was platted and developed for residential homes. They are on file at the Clerk’s office of San Jacinto CountyTexas. In general, the Covenants set forth certain standards for maintenance, upkeep, use, and property improvement in order to preserve the natural setting and beauty of Waterwood, establish a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing lot development process, and to protect and promote the value of Waterwood properties.

The Architectural Control Board (ACB), a standing WIA committee, is the body established by the governing documents to administer the Covenants. The ACB oversees permits for new construction or improvements and enforces property usage Covenants.

The Waterwood Policies for Residential Lots document sets forth key Protective Covenants along with governing interpretations, additional rules, regulations, and requirements. As such, it provides a quick reference to property usage and maintenance requirements, new construction/improvement requirements, and permitting process steps. The initial release of the document was approved by the WIA Board of Directors in March, 2004, and was filed of record with the County Clerk ’s office of San Jacinto County , Texas . The document is subject to change without notice.

The WIA staff can assist you with any questions or, if needed, to arrange an appointment with the ACB (meets monthly).
Waterwood Policies for Residential Lots 
Waterwood Policies for Residential Lots